Improving the Developer Experience

The Keys to Success

The developer experience shapes a developer's perception of a product. It starts when they begin using a product and directly impacts their opinion and decision to stick with it or recommend it to others. Companies that focus on creating a positive and seamless experience for developers will reap the benefits of increased retention, attracting more users, and a strong community.

When I worked at ExactTarget, the Journey Builder application was first released to the public. This opened my eyes to the world of customer-centric marketing and how thinking about the users from their perspective can have an incredible impact. It taught me to see things as a journey and has translated into many aspects of my career.

The Developer Journey

The developer journey is a complex and dynamic process comprising several vital stages: onboarding, technical support, and community building. To ensure a positive developer experience, companies must focus on enhancing the onboarding process, providing timely and effective technical support, and fostering a strong community of developers.


Onboarding is the first stage of the developer journey and sets the tone for the rest of the experience. This is where developers learn about a product and get up to speed on how to use it. To ensure a positive onboarding experience, companies must provide clear, concise documentation, resources, and accessible technical support. A positive onboarding experience can build a positive relationship with developers from the start and impact their view of a product.

Technical Support

Technical support is a critical touchpoint in the developer journey. Developers may encounter challenges or need additional help along the way. Having a team available to answer questions and provide guidance can significantly impact the developer experience. Timely and effective technical support that resolves issues quickly and efficiently is essential to ensuring a positive developer experience.

Community Building

Community building is an essential element of the developer journey. A vibrant and supportive community can attract new developers to a product and keep existing users engaged and invested. Building a solid community can lead to more effective and efficient problem-solving, increased innovation, and improved developer satisfaction. Companies can foster a sense of community among developers by hosting meetups, creating forums for discussion, and encouraging collaboration and feedback.

Why is the Developer Experience Important?

When developers are the ones who use a product, their experience directly impacts their decision to continue using it or recommend it to others. By enhancing the developer experience, companies can build stronger relationships with this influential audience and increase their likelihood of continuing to use a product.

The developer experience extends beyond just the technical items of a product. It also encompasses how developers are supported and valued and about creating a culture that prioritizes their needs and feedback. A holistic approach to the developer experience can ensure that companies provide the support and resources developers need to succeed.

Empathy and Communication

Empathy and communication are two critical components of a positive developer experience. Companies can create a more supportive environment that fosters innovation and collaboration by putting themselves in developers' shoes and understanding their needs and challenges. Clear and concise documentation, prompt technical support responses, and active engagement with the developer community are all important facets of good communication.

The Role of Developer Relations

Developer Relations' core purpose is to foster strong relationships with developers and understand their needs and challenges. By working closely with developers and supporting them through every stage of their journey, companies can create a positive and seamless experience that leaves a lasting impression.


Companies prioritizing the developer experience will benefit from increased retention, a strong community, and improved relationships with this influential audience. Companies can create a supportive environment that fosters innovation and collaboration by taking a holistic approach to the developer experience and focusing on empathy, communication, and community building.