Read-Component = Lifesaver

Published on: February 06, 2014

I recently wrote a post about utilizing Bower in your projects. It has seriously saved me from copy/pasting files numerous times, and I hope you are starting to use it in your projects as well. If not - start - like now.

Like all technologies, there is eventually a wall you hit, and your once glorious library is a source of frustration. I am building a project that utilizes Highcharts, and I have also been using Brunch as a front-end automation tool (more on that when I have time).

Brunch, and it's reloader plugin, save me serious cycles - I simply save a page, it recompiles and refreshes my browser page. It's truly the little things that make me happy. I'm know that GruntJS does the same thing, Brunch is just easier to get into, and is blazingly fast.

####The Brick Wall Brunch works great with Bower, in that it will automatically read all bower.json files in the bower_components folder, and append them into your app.js file. You can specify order etc, but it's fairly simple. Here is where I got stuck:

"name": "highcharts",
"version": "3.0.7",
"main": "./highcharts.js",
"dependencies": {

The main file listed here is simply highcharts.js. I wanted to use the gauge chart. Ugh - it's in a different file. This just wouldn't do. So I modified the .bower.json file and the bower.json file (I'm not positive which one brunch reads from, so I just did both) to use ./highcharts-all.js. I recompiled, and voila - my chart worked.

####That sinking feeling I knew it was a hack. In fact, I felt incredibly dirty, and almost stopped coding completely just to figure it out. Ok seriously, that's exactly what I did - I couldn't get past the awful thing I just did. I couldn't shae the code with anyone because it wouldn't work without my hack in place. So, I called on my trusty friend Google.

####Knight in White Armor Thank goodness Paul Miller and some other folks realized this was a problem about 7 months ago. I introduce to you read-components. Brunch will run into incomplete bower.json files and fail, hardcore failures. Brunch also determines the best order to drop in dependencies - if the Bower component isn't complete - failure.

So I installed it as an npm module, ran the install, and then removed my hack. As expected, my chart failed. I then added the following to my project's bower.json file:

"overrides": {
"highcharts": {
"main": "highcharts-all.js"

I restarted Brunch, and like magic - it all returned.

Moral of the story

Don't give up - there is always something out there addressing your issue. Just have to find it.

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